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Interventional and Vascular Therapeutics

Minimally Invasive, Maximum Results


Interventional and Vascular Therapeutics

Welcome to Kinetic, a new Interventional Radiology group on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Interventional radiologists are fellowship trained doctors who specialise in image-guided minimally-invasive procedures, for a range of medical conditions.  The minimally-invasive nature of the procedures provide a lower risk profile than open surgery in most cases.  For more information regarding our services and the specialty of interventional radiology, refer to our About Us and FAQ pages.  Please feel free to contact us at our clinic or via email should you wish to discuss a case or procedure.

Dr Brendon May

Dr. Brendon May is an experienced Interventional Radiologist (IR), a medical specialty with a focus on low-risk image-guided minimally-invasive procedures for patients with various conditions. 

Dr May obtained his undergraduate degree in medical biochemistry at the University of Queensland, followed by a medical degree at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.  He completed is specialist training at the Gold Coast University Hospital and Interventional Radiology fellowship at The Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Canada. 


Dr May has worked as an interventional radiologist in a number of tertiary trauma, oncology and transplant centres.  He is currently working at The Prince Charles Hospital, where he is one of only a few doctors in Australia performing Balloon Pulmonary Angioplasty in patients with Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension.  In his public hospital role, he is a mentor to aspiring medical students, residents and registrars.

Privately Dr May performs Genicular Artery Embolisations at Pindara Private Hospital, a new innovative procedure for osteoarthritis.  See below for further details.

Dr Brendon May. Interventional Radiologist. Genicular artery embolisation.
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Are you suffering from osteoarthritis pain that is no longer responding to non-surgical treatments, but are not yet (or unable to be) a surgical candidate for a knee replacement?  

Dr May may have a treatment option for you. 


Genicular Artery Embolisation is a new minimally-invasive treatment for knee osteoarthritis.  We now know that OA is not just a 'wear-and-tear' disease, with research demonstrating that joint inflammation (known as synovitis) plays an important role in OA progression and pain.  Genicular artery embolisation targets OA synovitis. 

The procedure is performed in theatre, but doesn't require general anaesthesia, which lowers the procedural risk for non-surgical patients.  A small catheter is placed into the artery in your leg and extended to your knee.  The tiny abnormal arteries supplying the synovitis are very selectively occluded with microscopic beads made of hydrogel, robbing the inflammation of its blood supply.  The normal arteries of knee are preserved.

As osteoarthritis pain is often multifactorial (ie. many contributing factors), collaboration between specialists is required to ensure you are appropriately treated.  To this end, we have a professional policy that all patients worked up at Kinetic also have an orthopaedic surgical review prior to GAE.


Discuss your symptoms with your GP, orthopaedic surgeon, Sport physician or Pain specialist to see if Genicular Artery Embolisation is right for you.  Further information can be downloaded here.

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Genicular artery embolisation
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